VIDEO UNVEILS Our Emerging SuperGlobe

The Emerging Dynamic SuperGlobe
30 min.

The Emerging Dynamic SuperGlobe explores the development of space dynamics in Earth's neighborhood, including the complex system of Earth’s man-made satellites upon which humans are increasingly becoming dependent. Drawing from over 30 years as a research scientist in physics, Dr. Crockett Grabbe created the notion of the emerging superglobe and produced this video "for people to appreciate the solar terrestrial system we are in, and to understand the Earth's dynamic neighborhood."

"The SuperGlobe is our sphere of influence that goes beyond the globe, beyond Earth itself several thousand miles, and includes thousands of satellites out there." explains Grabbe. "That growing entity, with all the satellites-- most of them within a thousand miles, but ranging out to 21,000 miles away from the Earth – is what I call the SuperGlobe."

Breathtaking shots of solar flares, Northern and Southern Lights, and views from space highlight this insightful 30 minute panorama of our world and our technology. "This is awesome!" said one TV Director in its initial showings. "It explains certain things in a way that make them accessible to people that are not scientists."

From the Sun to auroral lights to satellite networks, Crockett Grabbe’s infectious enthusiasm powers this well-structured 30-minute video suitable for high school, college and general audiences. "Space has great resources for the world to explore," concludes Grabbe. "We need to set priorities and explore it wisely."

The presentation contains about 24 photos taken primarily from space by satellites, with a few ground-based shots. There are also 2 color schematics for illustration. The complete program is set to music to heighten the viewer interest.

At the time of production Dr. Crockett Grabbe was a scientist at The University of Iowa involved in plasma physics research, particularly concerning space plasmas. Author of over 100 papers published in scientific journals and books, Dr. Grabbe has also presented lectures to and written books for the general public about space science and space weapons.

APPENDIX: A summary of the program is as follows:
....TOPIC              IMAGES SHOWN             MUSIC
1.  Title screen                                Electro                        
2.  Solar Views        Images 1-7               New Horizons    
3.  Auroras            Images 8-14              Pretty Power    
4.  Auroras from space Images 15-19             Go Baroque     
5.  Solar storms       Image 20                 Overdrive    
6.  Satellite systems  Images 21-23             Industry 2000    
7.  SuperGlobe         Image 24 + 14            Textura    
8.  Poetic 1           Image 25                 Distant Horizons
9.  Poetic 2           Image 26                 History Making