Enabling for the 21st Century

SeaLane Gray (aka Crockett Grabbe) encourages audiences with inspirational stories of struggles to overcome barriers and achieve. His recent book Duck Soup for the Diehard Soul portrays from a humorous perspective his recoveries from first a large pituitary tumor, and later an acute stroke. He received several disabilities from both experiences, and speaks about striking lessons he has learned as a result of them. Despite these traumas, with major efforts to overcome barriers he has become a productive and respected scientist, speaker, and writer.

Displaying the experiences and humor that has helped him cope with these traumas and resulting disabilities, along with remarkable stories of several who have excelled under crippling adversities, he inspires on the human potential in his address "Enabling for the 21st Century".

SeaLane has been profiled in Contemporary Authors, Writer's Directory, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in America , and Who's Who in the World . He has spoken to audiences in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Israel, with some addresses receiving prominent newspaper and radio coverage. He has also written for 10 books and well over 100 papers that have been published.

SeaLane is a member of the National Speaker's Association and several scientific organizations.

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