International Reaction to Duck Soup for the Diehard Soul (June, 2001)

"Your book gave me a boost of strength to cope with my role as support person 
for a very sick patient.  For that I want to thank you from the bottom of my 
heart.  I wish you the best health possible and a continuation of your 
wonderful career."
Dr. Aharon Eviatar, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL 

"It was a pleasure speaking with you on my WLPO Radio 'Coffee Club' Program 
about your book, your disabilities, and physics.  It is hard to imagine what 
you have had to overcome in making a comeback medically, and hope you provide 
an inspiration for others."
Don Zukowski, Host, WLPO "Coffee Club" Program, Chic, IL

"So, humor helps this Texas-born man overcome these barriers.  The book 
includes 27 cartoons that poke fun at his situations.  One has Dwight 
Nicholson at his bedside after diagnoses have determined he will never be the 
same.  'I know they told you recovery will not be 100%,' Dwight said.  'You 
may have to settle for 99%.'
Crockett grins at this recollection.  He's still working on getting there."
David Rasdal, Cedar Rapids Gazette, June 12, 2001 

"Congratulations on your book!  I am so proud of you."
Christine Clifford, President and CEO of the Cancer Club in Minnesota

"I am very glad to see that you have put out this new book.  You are really a genius and I admire your talent."
Dr. Jinbin Cao, Center for Space Science and Applied Research, CHINA

"I was overwhelmed with your disabilities (you have hidden them well),
and yet quite impressed with your humor."
Saralyn Stewart, Coordinator for American Physical Society, Austin, TX

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Duck Soup for the Diehard Soul: Double Spice for 
Disabled Soles
Duck Soup for the Diehard Soul

Double Spice for Disabled Soles


SeaLane Gray

"I see you have a history of migraine 
headaches.  Your problem is obviously 
just another migraine.  NEXT!  Get out 
of here -- we need this room for a
sick patient."

"Oh yes you are!  Your medical record 
says you are having migraines with 
that stroke!"

Speaking on "National Swindle of the World Trade Center"